Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fun pictures

Hiding behind the chair

Lounging in the cardboard box.
Playing music with Grandma!
And ring around the rosie

Catching her in the act. This girl loves bananas! (or anything just out of reach...anything that's a challenge or not allowed!)

Craft time!

We Made Caterpillers

 Dad attempted to fix the Kitchen Aid... with no luck. Isn't he a cutie?

Traced our bodies and colored clothes on them!

Fun with Dad

Play time with Christopher!
Snail fun

 Tunnel time??


Here is Rylee waving the American Flag and saying Hola to everyone, over and over and over and over...

So cute!

My beautiful girls!

Water Fun

Water play at Grandma's house!
Fun with cousin Lauren!


Haylee wanted to take a couple pictures. She did quite good!


Shade from the sun!...when she is UNDER the table

#3 by Hayls

On another day Aly came over with her adorable kids to play!

Rylee told Grandma to run, then hit her with the noodle! HAHA

Time to rest and eat a snack after all the water play!

Uncle Braden play time!

Cousin play and an unexpected visitor...

My cousin Jessica and I have started getting together about once a week to have a play date for our kids and so we can have some adult interaction! I absolutely LOVE it! I'm SOO going to miss it when we move in December!

A couple of times we have had bath time, when it was close to bedtime. Here is a cute picture of the girls!

Also, one of the days we were headed out of the house and we had a squatter directly above our front door... he stayed for 3 days and then left for good. Yes, that is a bat.