Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The last few months of 2012

So obviously I am A LOT behind in blogging! It is amazing how busy things get with moving and the holidays! So I will do my best at getting caught up and not leaving too much out!? 

Fun girls who are growing up too fast!

We were able to play with Lauren a few times before moving!

We miss you so much!


Happy Lauren!

Strong Lauren pushing the cozy coupe!

Next was Halloween. I made these pumpkins that were easy and just tossed when the holiday was over. Nothing extra to pack up.

I also cut out these and put them up around the top of the room. The girls loved them!

Familiy Movie night!
(with ice cream of course!!)

Halloween time! We were up at Grandma and Grandpa Putnam's house for the fun! Went to the church trunk or treat! Girls LOVED it all! 

Haylee a Princess and Rylee as Super Girl!

My dad had to dress up for work as a rocker and chose Billy Idol. He looked great but I can't find a picture of him all dressed up! It took a little work but I convinced Braden to dress up as a rocker as well for his work. We already had everything to have him wear. They had a contest and he won! YAY! Here is Braden all dressed up! Go Braden!

At the trunk or treat!

We started and ended at Grandpa's car! 

Walking with Grandma back to the car!

In November we celebrated Grandpa Jeff's birthday! We decorated and had cake all a few days early so we could celebrate with Grandpa before heading back to Utah. 

We decorated the garage door so when Papa came home he saw it.

The girls helped make the sign

The set up

The two little balloons are the ones Haylee blew up for Papa. And the little streamers the girls helped with as well to put up! They were so excited to surprise Papa! 

One of Haylee's balloons she blew up!

Papa's cake

The birthday boy!

Uncle Braden and Haylee

Rylee enjoying her cake and ice cream!

Make a wish!

The group shot.

Christopher's Projects were also finished up! I am hoping to do a post just about them one of these days! 
But here are all of them together! 

These are the chests he made for Haylee and Rylee! Aren't they amazing!!!???

Now for Elizabeth and Somner time!

The girls had a blast seeing Elizabeth and Somner! 

They got horse back rides, shoulder rides, hide and seek buddies, and anything else they could come up with. 
We miss you guys!

Christopher is the best husband and father ever! I was wondering what was taking him so long in the girls room... I went to check and found this! It is my favorite!

Silly Haylee. I was taking a picture of Rylee crashed out in her new car seat... and Haylee wanted in the picture too. So funny!

We also had Family Pictures done by my good friend Aly Willis again! Since the move though I haven't found everything yet...So once I find the cd with those pictures, I will post them!!! Here is two I did find just on my computer.

Aly is amazing!

Sisterly love!

Haylee is my kissy girl! She loves kisses, to give or get! And 99% of the time it is on the mouth! You don't always know it is coming either... She is hilarious!
She loves her daddy!

We don't have money for dance or gymnastics things so we have fun making our own stuff. Music and dance moves, tape balance beam on the floor, hopscotch on the floor...etc

Christopher and I finally got Iphones. 

Played so hard and then crashed! ...I was lucky they would wear jackets! This was supposed to be nap time...but they stripped the beds and played their hearts out! They wanted to be naked the whole time but it was too chilly for that! I managed to wrangle them into jackets and Rylee wanted gloves too haha. 

They love trying to balance on our water storage containers...haha

Went to check on them and found them together...took a bit to see them though with all the patterns! Love it when they want to dress themselves!

 Rylee is looking so much older!

My wonderful, handsome husband! 

Well this is as far as I can go until I find the camera and upload more pictures to the computer! So hopefully Christmas, more family pictures and our move will be coming soon!!!