Saturday, February 25, 2012


Ashlee, Robbie and Lolo came over yesterday! YAY! Hayls and Rylee were talking about them all day long, WAITING and WAITING until dinner so they could see them! While at the post office earlier in the day Haylee, Rylee and I stayed in the car while Christopher went in. Haylee then started to sing (aka yell) "ASHEE LOLO ROBBIE LOLO ROBBIE ASHEE ROBBIE ASHEE LOLO ASHEE ROBBIE ASHEE LOLO ROBBIE ASHEE LOLO..." it was really funny because Haylee's window was also down a little and we were parked RIGHT in front of the doors. So people would walk by and look in our car to see what was going on. Luckily most of them smiled once they figured out it was a happy noise of a little girl singing. HAHA

Here are some fun pictures of the visit

Rylee convinced Robbie to look through books with her

She also convinced Ashlee

Play time

Pictures before bedtime! They did really good!

Giving kisses

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our New Plinth!

Christopher got a really good deal online for a plinth and we got it in the mail! LOVE IT! Christopher can now practice what he learns in lab! We set it up to see how it was and Haylee tried out the face hole for us!

View from underneath

View from above!

Bad Hair Day!

This is what happens when you have too many children interupting you while doing accidently put Lions in the drier... talk about a bad hair day....that cannot be fixed! hahaha!



Christopher says it looks like George Washington's wig! Haha!

The Backyardigans

My girls really like the show Backyardigans and yesterday Haylee was playing, got her kid broom and sat down and started singing Row Row Row your boat. Then she came to tell us that she learned about it on the show the Backyardigans. We then came to find by interpreting "Haylee talk" she learned it in the episode about the Yeti and they were in the boat (kayaks) rowing across the water. After a bit she started talking about the pirates who say Arg and how they were in the water too.

This was so cute listening and realizing she remembered, specially because it had been quite a few days since she had seen either of those episodes!

Rylee later stole her broom/oar and started doing it so I had to come up with another oar. I found a yardstick. Here are the girls playing and singing! We got on netflix for them and watched the part where they row across the water to find the Yeti and also the Pirates episode where they were in their ships!


Little Miss Independent ... x 2

My girls love to choose their own outfits these days. They are sooo cute! Sometimes they turn out good and others rather interesting! Here is the other day! Silly girls!

Ashlee and Lolo

So yesterday I switched out the girls toys. I put away their "transportation toys" (train, cars, helicopter, plane, etc) and brought out the dinosaurs and cabbage patch kids. Haylee immediately decided to play with her baby. She put her in the carrier, with a dish towl blanket and put a cover over the top of it so she didn't get cold. Haylee then told me that it was Lolo (her cousin, who is 5 months old and comes over in her carrier with blanket and cover for the cold) and that she was Ashlee.

So all day long Haylee played Ashlee and had her baby Lolo. It was the sweetest thing ever! Haylee even at bed time tucked in baby LoLo in the Living Room and covered her up for bed time. During the day when Haylee would walk around with the carrier sometimes Lolo would slip out of the seat because there is no buckle in it. Haylee would get very concerned and pick her up and pat her back saying it is okay and then give her kisses.

Sweet baby!

Braids and Sesame Street

I braided Haylee's hair the other day! Her hair is finally growing! However, with her is hard to tell because it curls up almost to her chin!

My kids don't like TV at all...

My children are Animals!

My girls love their dress up clothes from Grandma and Papa at Christmas! So do the boys I babysit!

Happy Birthday Christopher!

So we took a trip to Idaho and while we were there we celebrated Christopher's birthday! We went out to eat at Applebees with family. My parents, brother and his friend Reya, Christopher me and our girls. Our girls were AMAZINGLY good! Thank you babies! We went in and knew it would be a wait with our group being large. However our 25 minute wait turned in to an hour and a half! The girls were great the whole wait, just being totally cute! During the wait it was fun to listen in on all of the people on 1st dates there (we were at the Rexburg lots of single people out on dates).

Once we finally got to sit down and eat, the girls were starting to get a little restless and we asked them to just bring the food as it was ready. Once the girls had food they were happy again. Haylee even went potty 2 times at the restaurant! YAY!

After dinner we went back to mom and dad's house and had ice cream. Kristen and Brock met us there for dessert! We had Wackey Cake and Mud Pie! SOOOOO YUMMY!!!!!!!

Christopher had LOTS of help with the cutting of mud pie! It was so cute! The girls ate off the top of the mud pie while he cut slices.

While we were in Idaho we also got to go visit Richard, Katie, Tyler and Aiden. It was so good to see them! The girls sure love time with their cousins!

The girls also spent lots of time on their "My 1st Trampoline" that they got for Christmas! They absolutely love it! Everytime we talk about going to Grandma and Papa's house they talk about jumping!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Look it's me!

I'm alive! It's so rare that I'm actually in pictures..... haha. Here are some with me and the girls. And some other pictures from this week.

My girls!
Haha, and Haylee with her tongue...

My hubby and me!

Looking under the girls door during "nap" time....and then hearing a loud whisper of
 "HI, awake!"

The girls play table, and yes we have been learning about shapes the last few weeks! All walls in the living room look like this on the bottom 3 feet! I love it! The whole top half of the room has drawings and water color paintings!

Playing with Daddy!!!


Christopher was making us sandwiches the other day... haha

It was so yummy!

Water Colors!

This week I braved doing water colors with the girls! They absolutely loved it!