Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Christopher!

So we took a trip to Idaho and while we were there we celebrated Christopher's birthday! We went out to eat at Applebees with family. My parents, brother and his friend Reya, Christopher me and our girls. Our girls were AMAZINGLY good! Thank you babies! We went in and knew it would be a wait with our group being large. However our 25 minute wait turned in to an hour and a half! The girls were great the whole wait, just being totally cute! During the wait it was fun to listen in on all of the people on 1st dates there (we were at the Rexburg Applebees...so lots of single people out on dates).

Once we finally got to sit down and eat, the girls were starting to get a little restless and we asked them to just bring the food as it was ready. Once the girls had food they were happy again. Haylee even went potty 2 times at the restaurant! YAY!

After dinner we went back to mom and dad's house and had ice cream. Kristen and Brock met us there for dessert! We had Wackey Cake and Mud Pie! SOOOOO YUMMY!!!!!!!

Christopher had LOTS of help with the cutting of mud pie! It was so cute! The girls ate off the top of the mud pie while he cut slices.

While we were in Idaho we also got to go visit Richard, Katie, Tyler and Aiden. It was so good to see them! The girls sure love time with their cousins!

The girls also spent lots of time on their "My 1st Trampoline" that they got for Christmas! They absolutely love it! Everytime we talk about going to Grandma and Papa's house they talk about jumping!

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