Sunday, September 23, 2012


The girls and I have started a little preschool thing at home. It is pretty relaxed especially since Rylee is still a little young for it. But the girls love it. Here are a few pictures of what we did the first week. 

Color time and talking about the letter A
Leaves for Fall, Acorns for fall/letter A
Someday there will be a calendar here too...once I finish it.

Snack Time

I forgot to keep taking pictures so here are more leaves and acorns. We also hung up their color pages and the orange paper with black circles are ants the girls made. We learned a little about ants before making them during Craft time. Again...ant for the letter A. 

Some fun!

Here are the girls playing with daddy again! Haylee combing out daddy's curls haha. Rylee just threw a ball off the couch.

With Grandpa reading the Book of Mormon. Haylee pretending to sleep on Papa.

We have a new table for the girls. They love it and so do we! Here they are playing kitchen.

Tutu Day

The other day we went grocery shopping at Winco and Sam's Club. The girls wanted to wear their tutus. They got many compliments on how beautiful they were and how they looked like ballerinas. They really enjoyed the attention. I had no problem at all with them wearing them..however...taking a toddler to the bathroom at the store with this huge tutu on is not very fun. Thankfully we only had to go 2 times on our outing.

Here is a picture of them after we got home. No shots at the store with them.

The many faces of Haylee and Rylee

Rylee is a very expressive child. We love it and it is so fun! Here are a few from the other day at dinner. Haylee decided to join in a little as well.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Girls girls girls

Here are my girls playing!
Hanging on a dresser they aren't supposed to play on. They are kicking their legs saying "uh oh me in trouble! help help!" but if I tried to help I got yelled at! Children....
They thought it was funny because they were pretending to fall asleep while sitting up on this. I didn't quite catch the sleeping part...
I love these next two pictures! look how grown up they are!

Moving around furniture and grunting! They have been watching things get sold and carried out of the house lately! Most of the time they start crying because they are going to miss the table (dresser, toy, etc) SOOO much! Poor lady who bought this lego table felt so bad! The girls burst into tears over it before she even left. She MIGHT have been in the house 2 minutes.
Rylee wanted to dress herself while we were looking through the few 4T clothes to see if Haylee fit any yet. I told her to keep both eyes open (haha) and this is the face I got!

Woodland Park Zoo

I was so excited to take the girls to the zoo! I loved this zoo growing up and it was always great! Sadly, I was very disappointed in the zoo this time. Almost ALL the animals could not be seen or were not there?!

However the new penguin enclosure is pretty awesome! And we did see elephants and hippos which was one of the main things I wanted to show the girls! We have been to many zoos and none had any elephants or hippos yet!

Here are some zoo pictures! The girls still had fun, but sure were tired!

Walking with Delanie


Rylee's favorite part of the whole zoo! She screamed bloody murder when we had to finally take her off of the orangatans! 
Haylee had to have her turn too, notice unhappy Rylee in the background...
I thought this picture was so funny, I had to include it! 

Ady and Rylee
Up close wolves

Getting tired


At the penguin enclosure, they had a little play area with cave and all.
Outside the zoo

Imagine Children's Museum

Grandpa Jeff, Uncle Braden and Christopher took the girls to the Imagine Children's Museum in Everett and the girls had a blast! Grandma Mary and I were helping set up for the reception and then we met up with everyone at the museum! It was great fun!
In the Vet room, taking care of the animals

Flying the airplane!
Water play room
Farm area
Milking the cow, Haylee said the cow doesn't work because no milk came out!
Tractor driving
Riding the horse
Train area

On the roof they had a huge play set along with a dinosaur dig, music area and more!
Keeping a look out!
Fun slides!
Mini rock wall

Digging up dinosaur bones!

Driving the bus!
Playing the piano? lol
Theater room!
this was so great! These levers control the lights/spot lights on the stage. The buttons next to it have sound effects like TADA or clapping, there were a ton!

Introducing RYLEE

Grandpa Jeff was paying for tickets to the show! Haylee was the cashier!
The girls absolutely LOVED this place! When they first got there the worker said "if you wait 15 minutes it is half price!" So they did! Evidently on Thursdays after like 3 or something it is half price! Only $4 ! Totally worth it. If we lived up there it would be worth going 2-3 times a month on those Thursday half price days! We stayed until closing at 5!