Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our trip to Washington

We were able to make a trip to Washington with my parents. We all rode up in their Tahoe, Grandma, Grandpa, Braden, Christopher, Me, Haylee and Rylee.

This is one of the very FEW times I was not in back between the girls carseats. It was much more comfortable when I could sit back against the seat and actually move my legs! The girls did AMAZING in the car! On one of the drives (the 10 hour part) the girls didn't sleep for the first 8 1/2 hours! But they were happy so we didn't mind so much! It was just amazing that they didn't konk out or something!

While in Washington my girls met a bunch of family! They loved all the new friends and cousins but by the end of the week they were FINISHED meeting new people!

We were able to see both sides of my family which was great! We spent a few days at Grandpa Bob's and Aunt Jana's house. They girls thought it was so funny that we had the same name! While there my cousin brought her cute kids over and the kids had a blast!!!

Catching butterflies

Checking out Grandpa's peach trees
Christopher and my dad helping Grandpa Bob out
Catching Haylee
We then went over to the other side of the mountains for my cousins wedding! It was beautiful and so good to see everyone!
We got to stay with my Aunt Katie and we had a blast! Haylee and Rylee loved playing with her kids as well!
Tyler and Hayls
Delanie and Rylee


We also got to go play at Grandma Susie and Grandpa Daves house!

Playing Wii
Rylee driving
I'm surprised we don't have more pictures of the girls with Comet...these girls loved him to death (the dog)
The girls also got to go to a childrens museum, the temple for the wedding and to the zoo. These will be in separate posts!

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