Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just some fun

Rylee has been having me zip up her coat so she can unzip it about a million times a day...give or take. haha. But then she went and put on her hat! I love it! I think she looks like a dancer! I won't argue with that!

I asked Hayls to smile for the camera...this is what she gave me lol cute baby!

The girls reading together. This was during the 30 seconds they did it without fighting over the book. Rylee is in the stage of "I don't want it until you have it." It is SOOOOO fun....

Rylee excited

Elizabeth and Somner came to visit! The girls sure had a blast!

Cheese mom...are you done? She is growing up too fast! Her shirts are all getting short on her too!

We walked in the kitchen and found Rylee....does this look familiar mom and dad?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011


Here is Rylee doing faces for happy and mad! Yes, when she says happy it sounds like puppy! How cute! I don't know where she got that scowl from.... haha

Singing and Dancing

Rylee and Haylee both love copying the lady in Sacrament who leads the music. Here is Rylee leading and singing at home. (Yes, Haylee is crying in the background because she isn't allowed to have more candy before dinner)

Here is Haylee a few days ago singing and playing the "piano"

Also, tonight the girls watched Rio (rented from redbox for the like 10th time....luckily most have been with free codes!) and they get very into it...

Don't bug me, I'm watching Rio....and using a fake turkey for a pillow???

Lounging with fake bananas in my mouth?

Dancing to the samba music in the movie

Laughing at the movie. This used to be her fake laugh but now I'm not so sure...

Telling the monkeys "no, no, no" because they are fighting with the birds.

Here is Rylee talking to the monkeys....

And I had to include this! Rylee smiling for the camera with eyes OPEN!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


We woke up to this today!

Church dresses

Here are the girls after we got all ready for church today. They didn't want to cooperate for a picture together....surprise! Haha

Aren't they cute!?!?!?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Silly heads

I wonder why can't I ever find my strainers? And yes, Rylee is dancing.

I don't know where they learned to put random things on their head from.....


Haylee was a dancer/ballerina thingy for Halloween and Rylee was a red headed Minnie Mouse. We didn't have money for costumes so the Minnie costume was borrowed from a friend (THANK YOU ARIKA) and Haylee wore stuff we found around the house! Ha, my mom and I made the tutu a few weeks ago and when she took it off she looked like she was in gymnastics so either way it worked. Cute babies!

For Halloween we went trick or treating in the next town over. They had all the businesses on main street giving out candy outside their shops. I am so glad we went early to get in line! We were about 50 feet down the line but after we went through the whole thing the line was still around the block for those still waiting to begin! The girls had a lot of fun! Haylee walked and was quite tired by the end.

Next, we went to eat dinner at the Moore's house and that was sooooo yummy! They also have two little girls, so that was fun. After dinner and dessert we went to the mall to trick or treat a little more. However, Hayls and Rylee only made it through part of the upstairs section before going bonkers and so we said bye to our friends and went home.

Robbie and Ashlee came over shortly after we got home so that we could get pictures of all the grandbabies for my parents. Both of my girls are absolutely in love with Lauren. Haylee calls her baby and Rylee calls her LoLo. It is so sweet! Here are a few of the pictures:

Whatcha doin?

Cute girls

Why are you crying baby lolo?

The end.