Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just some fun

Rylee has been having me zip up her coat so she can unzip it about a million times a day...give or take. haha. But then she went and put on her hat! I love it! I think she looks like a dancer! I won't argue with that!

I asked Hayls to smile for the camera...this is what she gave me lol cute baby!

The girls reading together. This was during the 30 seconds they did it without fighting over the book. Rylee is in the stage of "I don't want it until you have it." It is SOOOOO fun....

Rylee excited

Elizabeth and Somner came to visit! The girls sure had a blast!

Cheese mom...are you done? She is growing up too fast! Her shirts are all getting short on her too!

We walked in the kitchen and found Rylee....does this look familiar mom and dad?

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