Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Grandma Carla's visit

Christopher's mom, Carla, came to visit for a few weeks and we had tons of fun! Here are some pictures from when she was here.

Grandma playing ball with the girls

Grandma taking a nap with a book.

Haylee giving loves to Grandma.


and I wonder why I never have clean mixing bowls... they are also used as hats!

Grandma reading to the girls. This is Rylee's favorite thing EVER! She was so happy that someone was always willing to read to her!

We took the girls out to play. They liked the rocks, Rylee used them as a slide...ouch!

Climbing... also a favorite!

We took advantage of all the leaves and made a pile for the girls to jump/run around in. They had a blast! Rylee also lost her camo boots a few times in there!

Our family with Grandma Carla!

Thanks for coming to visit Carla! We sure loved having you here!

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Ah Loe said...

Mom is going to loved that picture of her sleeping. lol all that reading must of wore her out. glad you all had a wonderful time