Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MY papa

I was working on arranging my recipes so that I could find things easier and Haylee came in and I never got to finish, but that was okay. She was so sweet! She saw the picture on the front of my recipe book with a picture of her Great Grandpa Bob and Great Grandma June. She then proceeded to talk to her "papa" for almost an hour and every few minutes (sometimes seconds) she would say very sweetly "MY papa MY papa" and just stare at the picture. Then she would say "ma-mah, MY ma-mah"  (my grandma).

Rylee tried to come see and it took her a little convincing to let her sister look too. Then they both talked to papa and ma-mahs pictures. It was just so nice. So Grandpa Bob, these girls sure love you!

Haylee saying "MY papa"

Hayee talking to her papa and ma-mah. Look at that sweet face!

Both girls talking to papa! Haylee gave in and let Rylee see too. She was very protective of her picture!

I thought this was just too sweet not to post about! These girls sure love you Grandpa Bob!

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