Thursday, September 12, 2013


The girls made bird feeders with Christopher!

They absolutely loved it! 

Daddy hanging them

Grandma Mary and the girls watching daddy hang them

Children's Museum

We have year long passes for the Children's Museum here a few miles away. The girls love it.

Rylee turns 3!

Back in April Rylee turned 3!

Happy Birthday Rylee!





Proof Grandma Mary was here for Rylee's birthday!

Kid Quotes

Rylee just picked up Haylee's robe and puts it on saying "this is so so lovely" over and over. And then Haylee asks for it back and Rylee responds "but it is so so lovely I don't want to give it back" 

Rylee is now pretending she is a people eating worm. I told her that people eating worms weren't allowed in my house (this was after a few minutes of her pretending to eat me) She then started liking my arm over and over And when I give her a look she says "I'm a licking worm now"

My girls are running around the house naked with goggles and arm floaties yelling "SUPERHERO" 

Me-"Haylee please go with Rylee to the bathroom"
Haylee- "no, you or daddy go, your choice!"

Rylee points to this picture on our wall and says "look mom! That's a picture of when you were a princess and dad was a prince!" (our wedding picture)

Today Haylee announced "Mom! I really want school to start in June, not August!" 

"Will you PLEASE LISTEN to me when I'm talking to you?" Rylee says sternly to Haylee during lunch. 

These are some things Rylee decided to do the last 2 days. She also decided
1. to pee in a construction hat during nap time, bring it out and dump it in the toilet???
2. climb up her dresser and jump off over the railing onto her bed and then jump over the other rail to the ground... which in their cramped room is VERY dangerous... her back isn't feeling to great from those falls...
3. clothes are very over rated so every time we get home she strips off so she is underwear only. Thankfully when we fed 4 missionaries she kept the clothes on....
4. Every time the front door opens it means RUN OUT AS FAST AS I CAN AND WIGGLE MY BUM AT MOMMY SAYING "BUMMY BUM BUM BUM" (not sure I want to know what my neighbors think of us...)
5. open a muffin mix and start eating the powder... I guess I am too slow getting breakfast ready?
6. every store we have been too she wants to sit in the seat (never happens) but the whole time she decides to hit my chest over and over like it is a game???
7. open the fridge and climb the shelves...over and over and over
gee.. why am i going nuts?

My kids have randomly started calling me "Big MaMa" 

Rylee is scolding her finger saying "stop crawling up my nose finger! Get down! Stop doing that! No don't crawl on my arm either finger! Don't pick my owie!" Direct quote. As she slaps her own finger and then she and Haylee crack up.

Rylee's new thing she says when mad...
"SHUT UP YOUR MOUTH" then stomps away...

We are in the car waiting for Christopher at the pharmacy and Haylee buckles her Barbie in the middle seat and says "okay now we can go fast"

It has been a long day and the girls were going crazy in their room at bed time... So I just gave a good long yell for the heck of it. Not saying anything just a frustrated AHHHHH... Then Christopher comes in from outside to tell me the neighbor is outside smoking and mimicking/mocking me... And laughing

Rylee had been having a tantrum for the past 15 minutes... All because she doesn't want to be younger than Haylee ... Tired much?

I went to pick the girls up at the gym child care after working out and found out Haylee had her first kiss while there! Lol when I asked her about it she said they kissed and the lady told them No no!

Rylee squealed/screamed because she was happy to go outside and 3 people jumped up thinking she was hurt from the sound. Boy is she a loud one!

Haylee to Christopher "mom is going to throw a hammer at you"
C -"no she wont"
H -"yes huh. mom is going to throw a hammer at you and then you are going to cry"

We are playing at the children's museum... Girls are in the plane and Haylee jumps out saying "the pilot is jumping out for a second!" 

Girls conducting music with us singing. Rylee then says to me "mom! You can't sing! Just dads sing. Just dads sing and moms stay in the kitchen!"

Rylee's favorite songs right now: Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen), I'm Sexy and I Know It (LMFAO), and Hell on Heels (Pistol Annies)

Georgia Aquarium

We went to the Georgia Aquarium with my mom who came to visit! We have year long passes to the aquarium! Here are some pictures from the first trip we took!


Ice cream break

3D movie, girls love it! We have to watch it every time we go!

The girls love to try and catch the images popping out of the screen! It is awesome to watch!

I love watching these things...they are so weird!

Look I'm a fish!

Sea horses

The girls were SOOOO excited to see the whale sharks! Rylee saw it and went running saying "LOOK MOM A WHALE SHARK"

We also always go to the dolphin show too. The girls say it is the BEST dolphin show ever haha. This is just a picture of the one they have outside the show.

Sea Dragon
The girls always walk past this saying "those are scary mom"

Rylee loved this guy