Thursday, September 12, 2013

Christmas in PA 2012

We drove across country, unloaded the trailer, painted, mom and dad went home, and drove up to PA to surprise Christopher's parents for Christmas! They knew we were coming but thought we were coming up a few days after Christmas. What's another 10 hours of driving... ha. We showed up at the Christmas party at the church and surprised everyone. Christopher's sisters Marietta and Tiffany knew we were coming and made sure there were enough Santa gifts and exchange things for the girls and everyone else. THANKS!

Surprise Grandma! Haylee liking Marietta's sweater for the ugly sweater contest

Waiting for Santa

Rylee sat on Santa's lap!

Haylee wasn't so sure, but she talked to him!

Christmas story

Haylee thought it was so funny that Santa ate the cookies and drank the milk!

Playing with cousins toys


Helping Grandad open his present!

She loved her calendar with all the pictures, birthdays and anniversaries! Yay!

New jacket!

Boys and electronics

Uncle Isaac gave the girls his huge dog! Needless to say....they loved it!

fighting on some Wii game.... I won!

Snow time!

We didn't have any snow clothes... so I got hunting clothes! I stayed warm!

Lots of fun in the snow! Sadly our batteries died at the beginning of all the fun!

Vili's birthday party!

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