Thursday, September 12, 2013

January and February Randomness

Little miss attitude


Doing dishes at Nick and Hannah's house

Rylee reminds me of Edith (middle girl) on Despicable me so much!

Wild Child is so right!


Family Home Evening



All tuckered out

I got flowers for Valentines Day!! I haven't had any since my duct tape ones he made me like...5 years ago...or more I can't remember! It was BEAUTIFUL!!!

Haylee loved to smell my flowers!
One tired girl!

The hippo we had to buy from Sams... because one of the girls threw up on him. Rylee has claimed it. can pick his nose! The girls think that is awesome! Yes, he is currently wearing a pirate hat and eye patch!

Family walk... guess who's the favorite???


Singing and Reading a book to her sister

Christopher turned 30 back in February!!! Happy Birthday! We decorated with paper cut out balloons on the walls! 


Christopher's mom, dad and brother came to visit back in February!




Picking on Isaac

Naptime for Uncle Isaac

Story time!

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