Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Apartment!

Our new apartment is a single wide trailer. We love it, having our own little yard and shed outside. It is also one of the only places that let us keep our trailer (the one that we moved our stuff in) outside. The girls get a little confused when we talk about the trailer. The one we live in or the little one parked in front of it. haha!

It is pretty small but having the yard helps a ton. It is about 850 square feet total. We got permission to paint all the walls when we moved in. They were a pretty green but the walls were filthy and it was a flat paint. Which meant when cleaned...we take off paint as well. AND the green was too dark for the tiny house and made it feel smaller. We painted it a tan color. Looks so much better! No more grease covered kitchen walls or water spotted bathrooms. My parents were able to paint with us which was amazing! We probably would not have attempted it if they weren't here!

Here are the pictures of the before and during the painting process... I need to take some shots now to compare it to. But I would first need to clean my house ha!

Master Bedroom

Master bath

"Hallway" AKA Laundry Room

Girls Room

Girls bath

Living Room- mid painting

First coat


Back of house

Front entry

Front of house

Replaced ugly glass in the doors so girls wont shatter it, and it isn't completely see through anymore

They had the old furnace here that isn't even being used. We asked if they could take it out so we could build a pantry. This is it partially done, we were waiting for the landlords to bring the rest of the wood. 

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