Sunday, January 22, 2012

My posers!

Here are my beautiful babies! I'm not sure when OR where Haylee learned to pose for the camera...but she came up with this one on her own! (and she was continuing on wanting me to keep taking pictures...but I was laughing too much).

Isn't this silly girl cute? And yes...she is pointing her bottom at the camera on purpose.

And then there's Rylee...

Ok took it, now get that thing outta here, I'm trying to play!

Gosh I love my babies!

Reading with Daddy!

I love when I come out and find them like this! 

I love that Christopher is wearing one of the girls necklaces too!

Rylee, Rylee, Rylee...

So lately, Rylee is trying to give me a heart attack...

A few days back when the girls were playing in their room with some friends they start to spin. This is one of their favorite games, but I tend to discourage it in the small quarters of their room with many sharp edges. This day, Rylee tripped on her own feet and took a header into the wall. She aimed very well so that she hit the ONE corner sticking out in their room of the wall. She hit so hard she chipped my wall and dented the metal corner piece in the wall!

Here is her head right after it happened! Poor girl! She cried surprisingly short for how bad it was...but for that short time it was a death cry!

Trying to feel better by watching a movie while daddy holds her.

Thankfully she turned out okay! Other than she will probably have a headache for a few days! She seems much better now!

THEN! A day or two later Rylee decides to pull out the outlet cover and shove her finger in the outlet! She got shocked pretty good and was a bit freaked out for a few minutes. She was trying to figure out what was going on in her hand! Thankfully no electrical burns or anything. Hopefully she learned her lesson about that!

I'm hoping she takes a break the next few days from injuring herself!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Legos and Kitchen

So today we went through a bunch of the girls toys again and brought out some they haven't seen in a while and put away some that were no longer used. The girls had a blast! They seriously spent a good hour at each! That is amazing for them!

Haylee with her Legos

Haylee passing out the silverware

Time to eat!

I have the greatest kids!

A Job!

So last Saturday I got a very strange but amazing phone call! A lady at church called me up to see if I could watch her children in the mornings while her and her husband both had classes. I would start in 2 days and they would pay me. YAY!

So the strange part is, I knew who she was but she had NO idea who I was. She knows Christopher from choir but never met or heard about me. She was given a list of 5 people in the ward who might be willing to do it (stay at home moms), by the RS president. I was 5th on her list and by the sounds of things...also her last hope.

Anyway so now I watch her two boys for a few hours every morning M-Th. We started last week and Haylee and Rylee LOVE having friends come play everyday! If you go by "almost" ages...I basically have a 1, 2, 3, and 4 year old at home in the mornings lol. If you go by right now ages I have two 1 year olds, a 2 year old and a 3 year old. It is fun, but I am greatful they are not all mine that close together! hahaha!

Speaking of which...if Christopher and I kept up our streak of having kids 10 months now we would have a 2 year old, 1 year old, 11month old and 1 month insane would that be? And my body would be no longer hahaha...thank goodness that didn't happen! I love my babies!

Anyway here are a couple pictures of the kids playing!

Playing on the floor

He is the only one who gets away with crackers and water on my couches

Everyone drawing

Playdoh, yes everyone is very good at smiling and looking at the camera....NOT lol (Rylee told me NO, and turned her head)


Ashlee and Lolo came to visit a few times since the holidays! We love it when they come over! Wish we could see Robbie more often too!
Haylee has her own versions of everyones names.
Robbie = Lob lob
Ashlee = Aah Aah
Lauren = Lolo or Baby Lolo

Rylee's versions:
Robbie = Robbie (yes she says this perfectly!)
Ashlee = Ashee (no L)
Lauren = Lolo or Baby Lolo

The girls absolutely LOVE Rob, Ashlee and Lauren!

Ashlee and Princess Lolo

Princess Lauren!
Aren't they both beautiful!?

More Christmas/New Years

Here are some more pictres from Christmas and New Years! Rob, Ashlee and Lauren were able to come and we had lots of fun! It was great to have everyone together!

Haylee enjoying Grandma's fudge!


Ashlee, Lolo and Rylee playing

Playing the piano

They loved it! Wish we had room to bring it home... and that it wouldn't annoy neighbors! Stinkin apartment living! 

Baby Lolo playing with Grandma

More fun with Lolo and Grandma

We got home and had to try out our new double Jeep stroller! LOVE IT

We had tons of fun with the family! Can you tell the girls LOVE going on walks! Doesn't matter how cold it is out!