Monday, January 16, 2012


Ashlee and Lolo came to visit a few times since the holidays! We love it when they come over! Wish we could see Robbie more often too!
Haylee has her own versions of everyones names.
Robbie = Lob lob
Ashlee = Aah Aah
Lauren = Lolo or Baby Lolo

Rylee's versions:
Robbie = Robbie (yes she says this perfectly!)
Ashlee = Ashee (no L)
Lauren = Lolo or Baby Lolo

The girls absolutely LOVE Rob, Ashlee and Lauren!

Ashlee and Princess Lolo

Princess Lauren!
Aren't they both beautiful!?


Ah Loe said...

Makenzie had her own version of everyone's names. Hailee's really reminds me of that. Cherish those moments because soon enough they will be old enought to sass you! lolcorho

Robbie and Ashlee said...

We love visiting! And Lolo adores all of you!