Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ice Cream

Dear Grandma Mary,
We love our ice cream cones! They are yummy!
Haylee and Rylee

Yum Yum Yum

It's like we're related or something...

So my parents came down to visit for Ashlee's baby shower. I came out of my room and ran into my mom in the hall. I was greeted by an "oh shoot"...can you see why? Mom decided she wanted to change haha!

Sisterly Love

Here are the girls playing and wrestling while we were skyping with grandma!...Okay maybe most of it is Haylee clobbering Rylee...

Here is a funny video of them playing

Friday, August 19, 2011

Strep throat

So, my girls have been a bit weird lately but Rylee has been worrying me the most. Shoving EVERYTHING in her right, toothpicks, toys, toothbrushes,forks...she has also been trying to choke herself with her finger constantly. Rylee is my laid back child, doesn't worry much. Haylee takes something from her she either doesn't care or takes it back and goes running to stay away from her. Pretty easy lol. But she has been so clingy and whiny lately that we took her in to the DR.

I knew she was teething but it was different so I thought maybe something with her ears. No, she checked out fine...and for some reason we had Haylee checked out last minute before we left and found out she has strep throat...which made the dr test Rylee as well, even though her throat looked fine. Yup they both have strep! How nice! It is sad but I'm glad we took them in and decided to have Haylee checked too even though Rylee is worse or we wouldn't have found out yet. Afterwards we decided this is why the girls have been wanting naps at like 10 in the morning, instead of like 1pm. They are sick which makes them very weak and tired.

Girls get better fast please! I'm glad we decided to make a DR trip instead of going to the fair yesterday!


So as most of you probably know, the first years in a child's life is when they learn the most...and this causes them to be very open and ask about everything, etc. Well with Haylee we have been learning about boobs...mainly because she was so interested in mine haha. So we have been learning that we need to keep them covered...modesty... so now whenever she comes and sits on my lap she informs me of where my boobs are. She also makes sure they are covered...which for me can sometimes be difficult...ok many times unless I'm wearing a crew neck shirt-which i hate.

So when she sits on my lap she pulls the top of my shirt all the way to my chin sometimes to make sure I'm covered. Ok so we all have comfy clothes we like to wear around the house. One of my shirts is a scoop neck and a size too big for me. So the other day while wearing this shirt Haylee was trying to keep me from having any cleavage showing. She became very frustrated and we ended up having me just change my shirt because of how concerned Haylee was with it. Good for her...a little annoying for me haha.

Now as for Rylee, she likes to follow in her sister's footsteps with many things or even lead the way herself. She has decided that anytime I am holding her and i have cleavage showing...she will put whatever she is eating down my shirt. Yes like a garbage bag. How sweet! I guess all of this just tells me that I have big boobs and need to keep them covered a little better haha!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Playing with Grandpa

Grandpa was playing with the girls. He was spinning them on Daddy's computer chair. They had lots of fun! Afterwards Rylee was a bit dizzy... Here are some pictures of the cute girls playing!

Sleepy girls!

The one day it would have been good if the girls woke up early, they didn't. We had a family reunion this weekend and we wanted to get going early...I open their door and they were still sleeping, so I leave the door open thinking they will hear us all getting ready and they will come out...nope. They were like this for a while and it was so cute! Braden sat in their door watching them for a while because they were just so cute!



Thursday, August 11, 2011

Diaper heads!

While Haylee was going potty this morning, Rylee wanted a swim diaper on her head...and then Haylee did too! So they ran around for a while like that!

Play dough

The girls played with play dough and had a ton of fun! Rylee decided to eat the dough first. Then she decided that since we wouldn't let her eat it that she would give it kisses! HAHA Haylee and Christopher made a pizza!

We tried to get Rylee to smile and these are the pictures we got of it! She likes to wink at the same time! HAHA

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Haylee and Rylee decided to take a very late nap...this is what Rylee looked like before going down. I thought it was so cute! She is watching a movie...completely zoned out. I'm not even sure if she knows what is going on in the movie!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The girls new chair

Here is the girls new chair they made yesterday! They were also trying to do this with the play grocery did not work out as well.

Our new home!

Here we are at our new blog! My other blog would not work on our good computers and I have tried everything to fix it so I could post! So instead of being frustrated all the time, I am doing a new one on the new computers with my new email...(the as of a few years ago kind of new)! Let's hope this will work!

I have missed a lot of happenings because of this problem so hopefully I'll be able to post more frequently! It is getting late so here are a few fun pictures of the girls recently and I will get posting more soon!

Haylee, Rylee and Kimball playing

Both Haylee and Rylee are on toddler beds on the floor now. This was the first night for Rylee and she ended up sleeping at the bottom of her sisters bed. How cute!

B (AKA Aunt Elizabeth) wanted to put make up on Haylee...

One of their favorite things to do is bounce on balloons...Rylee gets very upset when they pop!

We spent about a week up with my parents and the girls got to play in their pool! They loved it!

Haylee showing off her Tinkerbell jammies

Rylee playing with the roly poly we found in our living room! Cute story with it. Here is the fast version... we found the roly poly, were forced by the girls to eat with him at the table, then take him on a walk where Haylee then freed him and cheered for herself! HAHA I sure hope the girls know this will not fly with spiders....


Daddy watched the girls so Mommy could get away. Rylee crashed on the couch.

Haylee played

And then crashed on the couch.

This is what happens at dinner time when Rylee doesn't take her naps. Yes..she is asleep, VERY asleep.

Rylee showing off her toothbrush!

Well there you go. So far this is much easier! The pictures actually show up for me! YAY!