Friday, August 19, 2011


So as most of you probably know, the first years in a child's life is when they learn the most...and this causes them to be very open and ask about everything, etc. Well with Haylee we have been learning about boobs...mainly because she was so interested in mine haha. So we have been learning that we need to keep them covered...modesty... so now whenever she comes and sits on my lap she informs me of where my boobs are. She also makes sure they are covered...which for me can sometimes be difficult...ok many times unless I'm wearing a crew neck shirt-which i hate.

So when she sits on my lap she pulls the top of my shirt all the way to my chin sometimes to make sure I'm covered. Ok so we all have comfy clothes we like to wear around the house. One of my shirts is a scoop neck and a size too big for me. So the other day while wearing this shirt Haylee was trying to keep me from having any cleavage showing. She became very frustrated and we ended up having me just change my shirt because of how concerned Haylee was with it. Good for her...a little annoying for me haha.

Now as for Rylee, she likes to follow in her sister's footsteps with many things or even lead the way herself. She has decided that anytime I am holding her and i have cleavage showing...she will put whatever she is eating down my shirt. Yes like a garbage bag. How sweet! I guess all of this just tells me that I have big boobs and need to keep them covered a little better haha!

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Unknown said...

Ha! Thats hilarious! Elizabeth likes to tell me when my chest crack is showing. Gotta love their honesty!