Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our new home!

Here we are at our new blog! My other blog would not work on our good computers and I have tried everything to fix it so I could post! So instead of being frustrated all the time, I am doing a new one on the new computers with my new email...(the as of a few years ago kind of new)! Let's hope this will work!

I have missed a lot of happenings because of this problem so hopefully I'll be able to post more frequently! It is getting late so here are a few fun pictures of the girls recently and I will get posting more soon!

Haylee, Rylee and Kimball playing

Both Haylee and Rylee are on toddler beds on the floor now. This was the first night for Rylee and she ended up sleeping at the bottom of her sisters bed. How cute!

B (AKA Aunt Elizabeth) wanted to put make up on Haylee...

One of their favorite things to do is bounce on balloons...Rylee gets very upset when they pop!

We spent about a week up with my parents and the girls got to play in their pool! They loved it!

Haylee showing off her Tinkerbell jammies

Rylee playing with the roly poly we found in our living room! Cute story with it. Here is the fast version... we found the roly poly, were forced by the girls to eat with him at the table, then take him on a walk where Haylee then freed him and cheered for herself! HAHA I sure hope the girls know this will not fly with spiders....


Daddy watched the girls so Mommy could get away. Rylee crashed on the couch.

Haylee played

And then crashed on the couch.

This is what happens at dinner time when Rylee doesn't take her naps. Yes..she is asleep, VERY asleep.

Rylee showing off her toothbrush!

Well there you go. So far this is much easier! The pictures actually show up for me! YAY!


Ah Loe said...

The girls are so beautiful! And look like they have so much personality. "B" loves to put makeup on the neices. And they love getting it! Somehow my kids always crash on the couch when Mika is watching them too. Not sure how it happens. lol Love you guys!

Mary said...

I love the rascals!

Robbie and Ashlee said...

I'm sorry your old blog was being so difficult for you, but yay for e new one! Those pictures are SO cute! I love the one of Rylee sleeping on haylee's bed. So sweet!