Friday, August 19, 2011

Strep throat

So, my girls have been a bit weird lately but Rylee has been worrying me the most. Shoving EVERYTHING in her right, toothpicks, toys, toothbrushes,forks...she has also been trying to choke herself with her finger constantly. Rylee is my laid back child, doesn't worry much. Haylee takes something from her she either doesn't care or takes it back and goes running to stay away from her. Pretty easy lol. But she has been so clingy and whiny lately that we took her in to the DR.

I knew she was teething but it was different so I thought maybe something with her ears. No, she checked out fine...and for some reason we had Haylee checked out last minute before we left and found out she has strep throat...which made the dr test Rylee as well, even though her throat looked fine. Yup they both have strep! How nice! It is sad but I'm glad we took them in and decided to have Haylee checked too even though Rylee is worse or we wouldn't have found out yet. Afterwards we decided this is why the girls have been wanting naps at like 10 in the morning, instead of like 1pm. They are sick which makes them very weak and tired.

Girls get better fast please! I'm glad we decided to make a DR trip instead of going to the fair yesterday!

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Luke, Arika and Emma said...

Its so hard when you take them to the doctor and you are half hoping they don't have anything, so they're still healthy, and half hoping they have something wrong just so you can fix it and life can get back to normal! I am so sorry!