Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas time!

Here is our little Christmas tree this year! The girls absolutely love it! 

The girls dumping out the nativity puzzle to play with!

We got cookies from my good friend Arika and they were a hit!

The girls with our tree! Both smiling and we can see all 4 eyes! YAY!

Decorating cookies!

They loved frosting the cookies, putting M&Ms on them and then eating them off!

 One of their presents from my parents was a big basket of dress up clothes! Here are some of the outfits! The girls LOVE them!

Rylee the tiger!

Rylee the lion!

Super girl! haha so cute!

Bunny/ladybug/fairy Rylee!

Witch/princess/super girl/ladybug Haylee!

Haylee the lion! She didn't want to take it off to eat her cookie!

The girls get SOOO excited to open presents!

Grandma's beautiful Christmas tree!

Haylee the lion again! so funny!

Play time!

Haylee being silly!

Rylee carrying a medicine ball that weighs 8 pounds! She found it in the office and decided she wanted to play with it! Haha

Haylee found the little 2 pound medicine ball and decided it would be fun to walk with it between her knee/legs! lol My girls are going to be strong!

Play time with the neighbors! The girls love having friends over!

We took the jogging stroller out to try and take pictures of it so we could sell it....this is how well that turned out!

MY papa

I was working on arranging my recipes so that I could find things easier and Haylee came in and I never got to finish, but that was okay. She was so sweet! She saw the picture on the front of my recipe book with a picture of her Great Grandpa Bob and Great Grandma June. She then proceeded to talk to her "papa" for almost an hour and every few minutes (sometimes seconds) she would say very sweetly "MY papa MY papa" and just stare at the picture. Then she would say "ma-mah, MY ma-mah"  (my grandma).

Rylee tried to come see and it took her a little convincing to let her sister look too. Then they both talked to papa and ma-mahs pictures. It was just so nice. So Grandpa Bob, these girls sure love you!

Haylee saying "MY papa"

Hayee talking to her papa and ma-mah. Look at that sweet face!

Both girls talking to papa! Haylee gave in and let Rylee see too. She was very protective of her picture!

I thought this was just too sweet not to post about! These girls sure love you Grandpa Bob!

Grandma Carla's visit

Christopher's mom, Carla, came to visit for a few weeks and we had tons of fun! Here are some pictures from when she was here.

Grandma playing ball with the girls

Grandma taking a nap with a book.

Haylee giving loves to Grandma.


and I wonder why I never have clean mixing bowls... they are also used as hats!

Grandma reading to the girls. This is Rylee's favorite thing EVER! She was so happy that someone was always willing to read to her!

We took the girls out to play. They liked the rocks, Rylee used them as a slide...ouch!

Climbing... also a favorite!

We took advantage of all the leaves and made a pile for the girls to jump/run around in. They had a blast! Rylee also lost her camo boots a few times in there!

Our family with Grandma Carla!

Thanks for coming to visit Carla! We sure loved having you here!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just some fun

Rylee has been having me zip up her coat so she can unzip it about a million times a day...give or take. haha. But then she went and put on her hat! I love it! I think she looks like a dancer! I won't argue with that!

I asked Hayls to smile for the camera...this is what she gave me lol cute baby!

The girls reading together. This was during the 30 seconds they did it without fighting over the book. Rylee is in the stage of "I don't want it until you have it." It is SOOOOO fun....

Rylee excited

Elizabeth and Somner came to visit! The girls sure had a blast!

Cheese mom...are you done? She is growing up too fast! Her shirts are all getting short on her too!

We walked in the kitchen and found Rylee....does this look familiar mom and dad?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011


Here is Rylee doing faces for happy and mad! Yes, when she says happy it sounds like puppy! How cute! I don't know where she got that scowl from.... haha

Singing and Dancing

Rylee and Haylee both love copying the lady in Sacrament who leads the music. Here is Rylee leading and singing at home. (Yes, Haylee is crying in the background because she isn't allowed to have more candy before dinner)

Here is Haylee a few days ago singing and playing the "piano"

Also, tonight the girls watched Rio (rented from redbox for the like 10th time....luckily most have been with free codes!) and they get very into it...

Don't bug me, I'm watching Rio....and using a fake turkey for a pillow???

Lounging with fake bananas in my mouth?

Dancing to the samba music in the movie

Laughing at the movie. This used to be her fake laugh but now I'm not so sure...

Telling the monkeys "no, no, no" because they are fighting with the birds.

Here is Rylee talking to the monkeys....

And I had to include this! Rylee smiling for the camera with eyes OPEN!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


We woke up to this today!

Church dresses

Here are the girls after we got all ready for church today. They didn't want to cooperate for a picture together....surprise! Haha

Aren't they cute!?!?!?