Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Imagine Children's Museum

Grandpa Jeff, Uncle Braden and Christopher took the girls to the Imagine Children's Museum in Everett and the girls had a blast! Grandma Mary and I were helping set up for the reception and then we met up with everyone at the museum! It was great fun!
In the Vet room, taking care of the animals

Flying the airplane!
Water play room
Farm area
Milking the cow, Haylee said the cow doesn't work because no milk came out!
Tractor driving
Riding the horse
Train area

On the roof they had a huge play set along with a dinosaur dig, music area and more!
Keeping a look out!
Fun slides!
Mini rock wall

Digging up dinosaur bones!

Driving the bus!
Playing the piano? lol
Theater room!
this was so great! These levers control the lights/spot lights on the stage. The buttons next to it have sound effects like TADA or clapping, there were a ton!

Introducing RYLEE

Grandpa Jeff was paying for tickets to the show! Haylee was the cashier!
The girls absolutely LOVED this place! When they first got there the worker said "if you wait 15 minutes it is half price!" So they did! Evidently on Thursdays after like 3 or something it is half price! Only $4 ! Totally worth it. If we lived up there it would be worth going 2-3 times a month on those Thursday half price days! We stayed until closing at 5!

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