Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Woodland Park Zoo

I was so excited to take the girls to the zoo! I loved this zoo growing up and it was always great! Sadly, I was very disappointed in the zoo this time. Almost ALL the animals could not be seen or were not there?!

However the new penguin enclosure is pretty awesome! And we did see elephants and hippos which was one of the main things I wanted to show the girls! We have been to many zoos and none had any elephants or hippos yet!

Here are some zoo pictures! The girls still had fun, but sure were tired!

Walking with Delanie


Rylee's favorite part of the whole zoo! She screamed bloody murder when we had to finally take her off of the orangatans! 
Haylee had to have her turn too, notice unhappy Rylee in the background...
I thought this picture was so funny, I had to include it! 

Ady and Rylee
Up close wolves

Getting tired


At the penguin enclosure, they had a little play area with cave and all.
Outside the zoo

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