Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Girls girls girls

Here are my girls playing!
Hanging on a dresser they aren't supposed to play on. They are kicking their legs saying "uh oh me in trouble! help help!" but if I tried to help I got yelled at! Children....
They thought it was funny because they were pretending to fall asleep while sitting up on this. I didn't quite catch the sleeping part...
I love these next two pictures! look how grown up they are!

Moving around furniture and grunting! They have been watching things get sold and carried out of the house lately! Most of the time they start crying because they are going to miss the table (dresser, toy, etc) SOOO much! Poor lady who bought this lego table felt so bad! The girls burst into tears over it before she even left. She MIGHT have been in the house 2 minutes.
Rylee wanted to dress herself while we were looking through the few 4T clothes to see if Haylee fit any yet. I told her to keep both eyes open (haha) and this is the face I got!

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