Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ashlee and Lolo

So yesterday I switched out the girls toys. I put away their "transportation toys" (train, cars, helicopter, plane, etc) and brought out the dinosaurs and cabbage patch kids. Haylee immediately decided to play with her baby. She put her in the carrier, with a dish towl blanket and put a cover over the top of it so she didn't get cold. Haylee then told me that it was Lolo (her cousin, who is 5 months old and comes over in her carrier with blanket and cover for the cold) and that she was Ashlee.

So all day long Haylee played Ashlee and had her baby Lolo. It was the sweetest thing ever! Haylee even at bed time tucked in baby LoLo in the Living Room and covered her up for bed time. During the day when Haylee would walk around with the carrier sometimes Lolo would slip out of the seat because there is no buckle in it. Haylee would get very concerned and pick her up and pat her back saying it is okay and then give her kisses.

Sweet baby!

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Robbie and Ashlee said...

I'm not even kidding, that made my day! I love that girl! We need to get together soon! I'm sure Lauren would love to see Hayls and Yaya!