Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Backyardigans

My girls really like the show Backyardigans and yesterday Haylee was playing, got her kid broom and sat down and started singing Row Row Row your boat. Then she came to tell us that she learned about it on the show the Backyardigans. We then came to find by interpreting "Haylee talk" she learned it in the episode about the Yeti and they were in the boat (kayaks) rowing across the water. After a bit she started talking about the pirates who say Arg and how they were in the water too.

This was so cute listening and realizing she remembered, specially because it had been quite a few days since she had seen either of those episodes!

Rylee later stole her broom/oar and started doing it so I had to come up with another oar. I found a yardstick. Here are the girls playing and singing! We got on netflix for them and watched the part where they row across the water to find the Yeti and also the Pirates episode where they were in their ships!


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