Saturday, February 25, 2012


Ashlee, Robbie and Lolo came over yesterday! YAY! Hayls and Rylee were talking about them all day long, WAITING and WAITING until dinner so they could see them! While at the post office earlier in the day Haylee, Rylee and I stayed in the car while Christopher went in. Haylee then started to sing (aka yell) "ASHEE LOLO ROBBIE LOLO ROBBIE ASHEE ROBBIE ASHEE LOLO ASHEE ROBBIE ASHEE LOLO ROBBIE ASHEE LOLO..." it was really funny because Haylee's window was also down a little and we were parked RIGHT in front of the doors. So people would walk by and look in our car to see what was going on. Luckily most of them smiled once they figured out it was a happy noise of a little girl singing. HAHA

Here are some fun pictures of the visit

Rylee convinced Robbie to look through books with her

She also convinced Ashlee

Play time

Pictures before bedtime! They did really good!

Giving kisses

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