Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Sorry these pictures are all in backwards order....but I wont be fixing them so good luck!

The other day the girls played and played and played instead of napping. Once it FINALLY got quiet (like 2 hours later) I peaked in and this is what I found. Rylee next to her bed and Haylee laying at the end of Rylee's bed. Silly girls!

 My parents and Braden came down for Lauren's birth and Braden and dad decided to watch Cinderella with the girls.
 This is yesterday when I went to meet Lauren for the first time! She is just so wonderful!
 This weekend Rob and Ashlee had their beautiful baby girl Lauren!!! I didn't get to go see her until yesterday because I was getting over a sickness but YAY! She is a beautiful baby!!!
 I got home from visiting Robbie, Ashlee and Lauren and my girls were so cute with daddy reading a book I got a picture of it! Rylee is getting better with saying cheese....there is at least a real we need to work on opening her eye instead of winking everytime! hahaha
So tonight we attempted a family picture on the couch while the girls were reading a it is! Rylee is saying cheese but looking at a book Haylee has and Haylee is reading her book.


Mary said...

You have such a beautiful family. I sure miss having them close.

Ah Loe said...

the wink is so funny! Sinalei started winking at such an early age and everysingle picture of her she looks "not normal" because one eye is squeezed shut all the time. lol

Robbie and Ashlee said...

oh my gosh so cute! and I just love rylee's little wink, soooo darling! adorable picture at the top of your blog too by the way!