Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Rylee!

Happy birthday Rylee! She is growing up too fast! She is 2 now! She is still a little short for her age but still with a large head! Love it!

We did a last minute cake and ice cream thing with whatever family could come. Thankfully Ashlee, Robbie and Lauren were able to make it! We love having them over! Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of them while they were here to prove we do have friends! Haha.

Both of the girls grandma's wanted to come so bad that we made that possible. Say hello to Grandma Mary and Grandma Carla. haha the girls loved it!

Rylee taking a picture with her grandmas!

LOOK! I found a picture with part of Ashlee, Robbie and Lolo! See they were there! Haha. Here is Rylee opening her gifts from them! She absolutely LOVES the ball and she would really like to use her huge chalk. Unfortunately we have been out of town and haven't been able to use it yet.But we are so excited to! 

Rylee playing with her truck from Grandma Mary. She didn't let go of this for the first couple days almost!

She also got some magnetic numbers for the fridge!

Happy birthday to my baby! You are 2 now!

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