Sunday, July 15, 2012

4th of July

We took a trip up to Grandma and Grandpa's house for the 4th of July! The girls love it there! There is a big yard to play in, trampoline, a kiddie pool, swing set, and TONS of outside play time!

Here is a picture of Haylee squirting the squirtgun at me while Rylee tries to dump water on Haylee from behind! lol
Filling up her squirt gun!

For some reason the girls LOVE to dump water on the patio until it is completely wet... maybe it is cooler on their feet? They do this everytime we go outside or it dries off! Are you confused as to the holiday? Haylee loves her Halloween bucket!

Rylee's quiet time on the swing set

Also while we were at mom's house Christopher spent time on the girls cedar chests he has been wanting to make for a while! Not long after Christopher finished up my cedar chest last year, he got more of the wood so sometime he could make the girls little cedar chests too.

Here are the boards before he started.

Here is the box set up together. All individual sides are hooked together but not to each other yet. Christpher is just really good at balancing things. Haha. This is pretty much what it will look like except it doesn't have the trim around the top to cover thoes holes. After it is all hooked together and sanded, we will poly it.

A picture of the inside.

Isn't it beautiful! He does such a great job! There are actually two of these, one for each girl. But we didn't get a picture of them both together.
These chests are somewhere around 24L x 15W by 17H to help give an idea of the size.

Also while we were at moms we cleaned my car! We should have taken a picture! We washed the outside and deep cleaned the inside! It looks so much better! YAY! It hasn't been deep cleaned....since....I don't know if ever like that. It was very clean when we bought it back in 2007. And it hasn't been washed in at least a year. We aren't allowed to work on cars at hour complex. No washing cars, vacuuming, changing oil, etc. So it is nice to feel like I have a clean car again!

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Kelly said...

Your girls are so darn cute! Grandma's house is always fun!