Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Here are all of the great grand kids on one side of our family!

Great grandkids and their mommies! Who grew up together as well!

My beautiful girls at Ady's 1st birthday!

We had a blast!


Silly kids


My girls LOVE the Pirates episode of the Backyardigans. We have watched it so many times! Good thing I enjoy that one too or this would get really old! They like to play pirates so here they are with their friend playing pirates! They have their telescopes up and looking for other pirate ships!
On the show it shows the telescope lens at the end and the girls think it looks like a that is why they each have a ball at the end of their telescope. Silly kids!

Trip home from G&G house

This last time on the way home from grandma and grandpa's house we passed this on the back of a tractor trailer....

definately the best part of the trip! HAHAHAHA

Nap time

What do you do to avoid falling asleep?
Haylee likes to arrange the cans/food storage we haven't put away yet... she seriously did this for a good hour or more

I'm in trouble...

I play a game with the girls and tease them by saying "oh you don't like bananas do you" or insert anything in there, play-doh, french fries, movies, walks, games, puzzles, books, get the idea. Well we do this for fun all the time and both girls normally answer "yes do" but I got a little different one this week...

I was teasing the girls saying "oh you don't like french fries" right after we went through McDonalds drive thru as I was eating a couple. Haylee then responds "yes i do JANA" hahaha! so then I ask "did you just call me Jana?" and she looks at me with her cute face obviously knowing she did and says "noooo...." and then giggles!

Then my children do things like this...
which this picture is the least scary of what Rylee likes to do on this car... but my camera died and I only got pictures on my phone. Which my phone's pictures are not post quality. But Rylee likes to sit on top, kneel on top or stand on top...depending on the minute you are looking. In this picture she is looking over the front saying BOO to Haylee through the front window. Crazy children!

Reading and Puzzles

For the past few weeks, the girls favorite things to do are to read books and do puzzles! I was doing breakfast dishes and I go around into the living room to this

Such sweet little girls!

Also, at church on Sunday Rylee got a huge compliment from the teachers in nursery! When I went to pick her up, one lady said she was very impressed with Rylee's ability to do puzzles. She said she is very good at them and knows where everything goes! Yay Rylee!! The lady was like "do you do puzzles at home or something" ... OF COURSE! That is one of her most FAVORITE things to do! She wishes and tries so hard to do the ones Haylee can do that are a little harder.

Haylee and puzzles lately is so cute! She moves EVERY piece somewhere where it doesn't go (puts elephant over lion, or train over ambulance, or leg where head goes, etc) and has to show someone....and then gets her silly face and says "no..." and fixes them all. Such a sense of humor!

H is for Haylee

Haylee and Rylee have been learning about numbers and letters a lot lately and love it. Haylee knows how to draw the letter H and knows it is for Haylee. They both also know R is for Rylee. However, here is Hayls playing with her dinner noodles and making Hs with them! Silly girl! So smart!