Thursday, October 27, 2011

Christopher's Creations and The Escort

I never know if Christopher will come home for lunch or stay at school and study. Lately I have received these pictures during his lunch hour... Here are the texts...

Me: "I assume you decided not to come home for lunch"
Christopher: "Doing halowde game..."
Me: "what?"
C: "Halloween games. we got first place." And this picture was attached...

Me: "ooo fun. any prizes? "
C: "a snickers"
Me: "yum good lunch lol"
C: "uh huh"

They had to run around the parking lot to find random articles of clothing. Each team had a small hay bale they had to tear apart to stuff the scarecrow with. They had to use a paperbag for the head. I like it.

Today Christopher was supposed to be studying during lunch for his test. When I got this text...

C: "I got first place again" with these pictures attached:

Me: "nice. did you do this at lunch today? did you win anything?"
C: "candy bar. had 5 minutes to carve it"
Me: "haha nice job"
C: "thanks, gotta study now"

Haha good job Christopher. So to explain the pumpkin some. One eye is a star. The other is a hole with the pumpkin guts coming out. The pumpkin is also eating part of another pumpkin because he is a canibal. hahaha silly husband

Christopher's school also did a mummy race a few weeks back as well. However the pictures won't load for me right now. When they will, I'll add the pictures. For the mummy race his team got disqualified for the mummy stripping... okay his toilet paper had all fallen off by the time he ran around the building and got to the finish line. oops!

For each activity the students participated in, their name was put in a drawing. The winners of the contests were entered a few additional times. Christopher also won this! So this Saturday we have a date! He won two tickets to a haunted hay ride and haunted corn maze! Crazy fun!

Actually, for some reason I've become more of a wimp the last few years and I'm starting to freak out....and we aren't even going until Saturday! Haha... but my friend Katie is AMAZING and is watching the girls for us! I think the last time we had a date was when she babysat for us when we first moved down here! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! and AHHHH I'M SCARED!...

So this is what graduate students do all day.....OH and I guess I could mention that in the past 3 weeks he has had 10 tests too....

Christopher is awesome! He is pretty darn cute too!

Look! The Escort is still alive and kickin! Christopher came home from basketball last night with this picture! The Escort is more reliable than my car!

340,000 miles! Who woulda thought!?!?!?
I must say I was glad to see that the mph was at 0 while he was taking this picture!

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