Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nap time? and me rambling a lot :)

So both girls have decided that they no longer need naps...oh boy are they wrong! Actually Haylee decided this and Rylee will not take a nap without Haylee in the room.....which means no naps for either. This means edgy mommy, cranky babies from about noon on....and heaven help me from about 5 on... boy oh boy!

Let's just say I'm glad Christopher is around then!

I love it when Rylee just crashes on the couch or something, even those 30 minues..I mean 10? haha Whatever she gets is very helpful!

However with my girls lately, no naps mean no shower for mom. With them loving to move chairs around in the kitchen, jump off things, climb on table, and after Rylee almost hung herself in the window blinds.....mommy isn't trying that for a while... Every. single. thing. they do lately could cause major harm to them. It isn't just that they move the chairs around....it's that they then climb onto the counters and can reach EVERYTHING in my kitchen which no it isn't all safe. Rylee is probably my craziest climber and she still puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. Haylee still does it a lot too.

This is the downfall to children teething late. Still sucking on things/nawing everything. I have recently caught them lately teething on door stoppers, pillow tags, my cell phone, the remote, the monitor cord, and Haylee's favorite lately...the speaker wire that we hide under the baseboard...but she knows is there and searches for it. UGGGG mommy needs a break!

Back to that comment of Rylee almost hanging herself...I was sitting right next to her but was watching Haylee at the moment. The girls like to climb onto the back of the couch to see out the window..which they aren't allowed to do. But Rylee did it, somehow got the blinds cord down from where I had stuffed it up high and the next thing I know I turn my head and she is DANGLING there with the cord around her neck chocking herself! HOLY BAD WORDS SCARY! There is a way to have a heart attack early in life! It sure scared her as well! She cuddled with me for like an hour after that...which is not normal. Poor baby! She had a mark around her neck for half the day from where it wrapped!

We also have had MANY MANY of those fun poop stories lately. Haylee was almost fully potty trained. Did great all day and during most naps. She did this for over a month. Then she got an ear infection, and right after she got strep throat, and after that she spent a few weeks on FOUR stinkin teeth (couple eye teeth and molars...yes all those fun ones). It became too much for her and she is back in diapers. HOWEVER, she knows she hates being dirty so she strips down after she has gone to the bathroom...this is normally during "nap" time (AKA give mommy a break before she jumps out the window time). Anyway...this week so far none of that fun...(knock on wood).

Sorry for the venting....hopefully if you didn't want to read it...you stopped a while ago! ha! However one fun/scary part to no nap time is that I always wonder what on earth their room will look like when I bring them out of no nap time. The past few days are pretty funny!

Rylee is on a toddler mattress on the floor. Haylee is on a twin/boxpring set on the floor. The girls really enjoy stripping Rylees sheets off and moving her bed around the room. Two days ago I walk in and they have it leaned up agains Haylee's bed and are climbing up and sliding down the mattress! The funniest part is that Haylee is naked other than her shirt! Thankfully no poop that day!

Today I go in to see what they are doing and they moved Rylee's bed right next to Haylee's and are jumping off one onto the other then rolling to the floor! After some of that, I put the bed back and layed them back down hoping they would sleep (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)....

When I go in to get them out I am locked out of their room. Not because there is a lock....there isn't....They have moved Rylee's bed to right behind the door. This makes it so when I try and open it it jams up against their cabinet making the door open like an inch...

Crazy little girls! I love them so much! However, I am wondering if there is EVER such thing as a sane mother when there are toddlers in the home?

And a fun note! We didn't get to do laundry for about a week because the dryer randomly stopped working. Never any problems, just wouldn't turn on one day. I told Christopher no playing with it until after his tests that week (he had 5). So last Saturday he took the dryer apart, checked fuse things, etc and somewhere in there whatever was wrong was fixed. Nothing was replaced. Just things unplugged and plugged back in, taken apart and put together. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! I love my husband! A few months back he fixed out washer when the pump was leaking too!

So the dryer was fixed and I could catch up on laundry and BOY was there a TON!.....two loads into it I realize we are now out of detergent.....REALLY?????? Oh yeah we were also out of dishwashing detergent for about a week too....part way through Ashlee gave me some after I mentioned it! Gave us enough to get to the day where I could buy some! THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!

haha so we have detergent now and a working dryer and dishwashing detergent! YAY!

Also, shortly before all this we were COMPLETELY out of shampoo....so I went and bought the cheapest stuff at the store that was on clearance....we used it and I couldn't figure out why my hair was getting greasier and greasier as the days went on (yes i was showering). THREE STINKING WEEKS LATER i was smart enough to look at the bottle and realised it was CONDITIONER! ...seriously? I walked out and asked Christopher when he realised I was an idiot....

BOY...okay all better. Hopefully the next post I'll include some pictures!

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Robbie and Ashlee said...

Oh my gosh, you poor thing! Feel free to come over any time you need a break! As long as you don't care that my house is probably messy and I probably havent showered either, lol. By the way, that's kind of funny about the conditioner... :)