Monday, May 28, 2012

Mother's Day and Birthdays

Mother's Day and my birthday this year came on the same day. The girls were sick so Christopher stayed home with them while I went to church by myself. Which was nice and peaceful but I certainly missed my family!

When I came home and was unlocking the door, I could hear Haylee so happy saying "mommy home! mommy happy birthday! happy birthday mommy! mommy happy birthday!" This continued while I came inside and said hi to everyone. I wasn't sure why she was so excited. Then I realized she was pointing to the counter. There on the counter was a cute colorful box made out of construction paper and filled with tissue paper and candy for me! Underneath the box of candy there was a homemade card from Christopher and two drawings from my girls!

Haylee was just so excited to show me what daddy, her and rylee had made for me! It was the sweetest thing ever! Christopher also completely took care of dinner for me as well! I have such a wonderful family!

Haylee's Birthday!

Haylee got a couple cards in the mail from her great grandparents! Here is her money from Grandma Susie and Grandpa Dave! She was so excited to have a dollar of her own! And yes we were playing dress up!

Homemade mini pizzas for dinner!

Birthday Girl!!!

Birhtday cupcakes!

Getting the candles ready

Make a wish! She blew them out great!

Ice cream!

Rylee sure enjoyed it!

Grandma Mary and Grandpa Jeff's gift!

She loves her instruments!

Evidently I didn't take anymore pictures! We have a cute phone toy from Grandpa Bob that she absolutely LOVES! As does Rylee.... haha.

We had two little parties for her birthday. One on her birthday with my parents and brother. Then the next day we had my friend Aly and her two cuties Connor and Nora over too! Wish I would have taken pictures! They were all so cute playing together! Thanks for coming guys!!! She absolutely loved her "happy birthday party"

I can't believe Haylee is 3 years old now!

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