Monday, May 28, 2012

PA Trip- Part 2

Birthday Party!

Sosefina and Makenzie have the same birthday and we celebrated it while we were back east.
Tiffany's amazing cake she made!

Birthday girls!

Earlier in the day while the older kids were at school Sosefina had a Pinkalicious birthday party!

The food!

Lots of the kids

The birthday girl!

Beautiful Hayls


Everyone had a blast on the swings! Here's Viliamu


Christopher, Tiffany and Richard (3 of the 6 kids)

Katie, Aiden, Tyler and Richard

Christopher brought his bubbles to play with!

Haylee riding the horse!

Rylee riding the...other animal that I can't remember what it was.

Carla popping the bubbles!

Rylee on the swings and yes, Christopher is pushing me on the other swing!

Ever since the birthday parties we went to, Haylee has been all about birthday parties! She knew her birthday was coming up and was so excited and talking about "fina happy birthday" (Sosefina's party) and "my happy birthday me three" (on her birthday she will turn 3) and "me happy birthday party" because she wanted a party so bad!!!!

Family pictures the last night before we had to leave!

Marieta, Rob and family

Tiffany, Mika and family

Richard, Katie and family


5 of the 6 Hartman kids. Elizabeth couldn't make it.

Carla, Larry and Isaac

Grandma got to read bedtime stories to the girls the night before we left! They absolutely loved it!

We had such a great time in PA! Thank you everyone for the wonderful time!

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