Monday, May 28, 2012

Mother's Day and Birthdays

Mother's Day and my birthday this year came on the same day. The girls were sick so Christopher stayed home with them while I went to church by myself. Which was nice and peaceful but I certainly missed my family!

When I came home and was unlocking the door, I could hear Haylee so happy saying "mommy home! mommy happy birthday! happy birthday mommy! mommy happy birthday!" This continued while I came inside and said hi to everyone. I wasn't sure why she was so excited. Then I realized she was pointing to the counter. There on the counter was a cute colorful box made out of construction paper and filled with tissue paper and candy for me! Underneath the box of candy there was a homemade card from Christopher and two drawings from my girls!

Haylee was just so excited to show me what daddy, her and rylee had made for me! It was the sweetest thing ever! Christopher also completely took care of dinner for me as well! I have such a wonderful family!

Haylee's Birthday!

Haylee got a couple cards in the mail from her great grandparents! Here is her money from Grandma Susie and Grandpa Dave! She was so excited to have a dollar of her own! And yes we were playing dress up!

Homemade mini pizzas for dinner!

Birthday Girl!!!

Birhtday cupcakes!

Getting the candles ready

Make a wish! She blew them out great!

Ice cream!

Rylee sure enjoyed it!

Grandma Mary and Grandpa Jeff's gift!

She loves her instruments!

Evidently I didn't take anymore pictures! We have a cute phone toy from Grandpa Bob that she absolutely LOVES! As does Rylee.... haha.

We had two little parties for her birthday. One on her birthday with my parents and brother. Then the next day we had my friend Aly and her two cuties Connor and Nora over too! Wish I would have taken pictures! They were all so cute playing together! Thanks for coming guys!!! She absolutely loved her "happy birthday party"

I can't believe Haylee is 3 years old now!

PA Trip- Part 2

Birthday Party!

Sosefina and Makenzie have the same birthday and we celebrated it while we were back east.
Tiffany's amazing cake she made!

Birthday girls!

Earlier in the day while the older kids were at school Sosefina had a Pinkalicious birthday party!

The food!

Lots of the kids

The birthday girl!

Beautiful Hayls


Everyone had a blast on the swings! Here's Viliamu


Christopher, Tiffany and Richard (3 of the 6 kids)

Katie, Aiden, Tyler and Richard

Christopher brought his bubbles to play with!

Haylee riding the horse!

Rylee riding the...other animal that I can't remember what it was.

Carla popping the bubbles!

Rylee on the swings and yes, Christopher is pushing me on the other swing!

Ever since the birthday parties we went to, Haylee has been all about birthday parties! She knew her birthday was coming up and was so excited and talking about "fina happy birthday" (Sosefina's party) and "my happy birthday me three" (on her birthday she will turn 3) and "me happy birthday party" because she wanted a party so bad!!!!

Family pictures the last night before we had to leave!

Marieta, Rob and family

Tiffany, Mika and family

Richard, Katie and family


5 of the 6 Hartman kids. Elizabeth couldn't make it.

Carla, Larry and Isaac

Grandma got to read bedtime stories to the girls the night before we left! They absolutely loved it!

We had such a great time in PA! Thank you everyone for the wonderful time!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Trip to PA - Part 1

We were so lucky to be able to take a trip to PA during the few weeks Christopher was off school for break! We hadn't been back for almost 2 years to see his side of the family! We had a blast! Here are some highlights!

Airplane Ride
Haylee doing my Fill-In book (crossword that just gives you all the words and one is in place, you then figure out where all the others go)

Rylee watching her Robot movie, this is just before she fell asleep.

One of the few times Haylee let us open the window while up in the air. Most of the time she wanted them closed.

The girls did really well on the planes. We had one layover each way and with all 4 planes we only had one 10 minute freak out from Haylee. She was too tired and didn't want to buckle up for landing, so the flight attendant said she could sit on my lap and within a minute of that she was zonked out! Sweet baby! Out of almost 11 hours of flying total (both ways), that is pretty good with two 2 year olds!

Playing with cousins!

The girls had an absolute BLAST with their cousins!
Dancing and gymnastics with the girls

Watching TV

Rylee and Vili were best buds! Everytime they would see eachother someone would yell "GET ME GET ME" and they would chase each other around and wrestle. Ha so cute!

Destry and Rylee

Rylee Looking for her bugs

Don't mess with Haylee! lol

Christopher was the bubble king!  

Rylee strutting her stuff!

Haylee and Vili playing (Vili is not mad, the picture just makes it seem that way)

Rylee singing on the swings while watching kids play in the water

Kids playing

Dinner time with all but two of the grandkids who had already eaten!

Haylee roller skating on matchbox cars like in the movie Monsters vs Aliens

Fishing Adventure!

Watching the bobber, waiting for fish

Girls loving their worms!
Christopher fishing

Rylee kissing the fish
Rylee's worms
Rylee trying to kiss another fish! Don't worry, she never actually kissed it! It only LOOKs like she is kissing/sucking on the fish's eyeball!
Checkin out Haylee and Christopher's catch! Haylee was so happy!
Tavita's catch!
MaKenzie's catch

One of my fish!

Another one!
Haylee loved worms but wasn't too sure on the fish! lol
One of Christopher's many fish!
Another catch of Christophers
Christopher and Haylee trying to catch some fish
Sosefina, Makenzie and Sinalei fishing

Sosefina, Makenzie, Sinalei and Haylee

My little puppy dogs

Playing with Marieta's dogs

We got to see Grandma Helen! The girls were excited that there were 2 grandmas around!

Mika and Tiffany

Rylee got a little worn out. Tired baby!
Playing Princess
Haylees turn being Princess

Rylee and Sosefina having fun

Makenzie and Rylee playing

Dancing time!

Rylee thought she was SO funny wearing Vili's hat

New toys from Grandma Carla!

We all had so much fun in PA with family! The girls LOVED being able to eat almost every meal outside and always having friends to play with!

More updates from PA coming!